Work For Us

We are obviously passionate about the services we provide and the difference we can make providing high quality care for those that need it most.  We strongly believe in our aims, objectives, values and the core principles of providing the highest level of domiciliary care to people in their own homes.

Our staff are an important part of our success in a people driven service it is important that we recognise and reward individuals through both a competitive salary and associated benefits.  We invest in the training of our team to ensure that they can develop their skills and aspire and take on new and exciting challenges.

So we are committed to our services and staff.

If after reading our core values you believe you bring the same passion and commitment to providing care we would love to hear from you.

You have 3 choices.

(1) Complete an online application. 

The process can be quite long so please allow sufficient time and if you want to take your time completing the forms we would recommend requesting an application pack.

(2) Request an Application Pack in Word form. 

Complete the simple form and we will respond sending you all the relevant documents.  You can then send these to us via email with all accompanying documentation. *

(3) Download PDF copies.

Once downloaded print off the forms and complete then send them via the post back to Embrace Health Care. *

* Please note if you are sending personal information via the post we can take no responsibility if these documents are lost.

Please use the links on this page to start completing an application.